A visit to Elfia, fantasy festival at Haarzeilens

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I visited Elfia for a second time in April. This time it was held in the beautiful grounds of Castle “de Haar”. It was inspiring, magical and otherworldly. You can see for yourself from the video  below! The majority of people attending the festival make their own costumes and it was just wonderful to be surrounded by so much creativity. I had some of my work available at the Golden Age of Fairy Art Stall, hopefully I will get to exhibit with this group of fairy artists again in the future 🙂


You can fly!

(transferred from original website blog 2nd may 2015)You can fly cropped copyOriginal pen & ink  9″ x 7″ / 23 x 18 cm

“All it takes is faith and trust…
Just a little bit of pixie dust…

You can fly!”

Peter Pan, Disney 1953

Also available as a print in 3 sizes which you can find on my website


Cow’s lane designer market

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I’m back at the Cow’s lane designer market every Saturday – this is my third year here and you can find my stall just outside the Queen of Tarts cafe. I have my whole range of prints available at the stall every week. I also bring some framed prints aswell – so if you are passing by and you would like to stop and browse through my latest work, please do, or you might be looking for a beautiful gift for someone, something different…..so come and have a look, you never know what you may find in this fairy world that I create!

RDS National Craft & Design Fair 2014

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A nice mention in the Irish Times online section after I took part in the RDS National craft & Design Fair 🙂


“The recent National Craft and Design fair at the RDS was proof that Ireland is bursting at the seams with talented craftspeople- jewellery makers, artists, ceramicists and fashion designers. Here are just ten of the stand-out exhibitors at the fair.
No 7. Eimear Brennan’s vividly coloured fairy prints and original pen and ink drawings are truly mesmerising. The Fairy Gathering, a limited edition print costs from €40. ”
Edel Morgan, Irish Times – Life & Style December 2014

A recent visit to Sligo, Yeat’s country

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On a recent visit to Sligo I visited Lough Gill, Ben Bulben, and Knocknarea. Lough Gill is where Yeat’s was inspired to write “The Lake Isle of Inisfree”.  It is absolutely stunning here, so peaceful beside the lake, little streams are flowing through the forest everywhere and everything seems to be covered in moss! It’s really magical. Knocknarea  is where Queen Maeve is said to be buried. It is a steep enough walk up Knocknarea to Maeve’s cairn but the view  is fantastic.  It was really wild and the wind was howling when we got to the top and too windy to hold the camera steady so I used photos from when i was at Knocknarea the last time.  A few days later I found out that there was a sculpture of Queen Maeve in Dublin. It’s just outside Connacht House on Burlington road created by artist Patrick O’Reilly. She looks fierce but it’s such a pity that it’s not in a place more visible to the general public. (Photographs copyright Nicky Hoefsloot)

Lough Gill, Sligo




Knocknarea, Queen Maeve’s Cairn






Fairy art prints – exhibition by Eimear Brennan at Cornucopia, wicklow st, dublin

I have a selection of my limited edition giclee prints for sale at Cornucopia restaurant, Wicklow St Dublin, from July 3rd. Framed pieces are 20″ x 16″ in size.
I showed some work (prints) at Cornucopia in 2011 and it went really well. I got lots of really good feedback so I’m really looking forward to exhibiting with them again!


The Fairy Gathering.Fairy Paintings for Sale by Eimear Brennan

Eimhear_Brennan 001

The Fairy Gathering

Original Pen & Ink Drawing 29″ x 19″

“The fairies loved music and dancing and frolic; and above all things, to be let alone, and not to be interfered with as regarded their peculiar fairy habits, customs and pastimes. They had also, like the Irish, a fine sense of the right and just, and a warm love for the liberal hand and kindly word. All the solitudes of the island were peopled by these bright, happy, beautiful beings, and to the Irish nature, with its need of the spiritual, its love of the vague, mystic, dreamy and supernatural, there was something irresistibly fascinating in the belief that gentle spirits were around….but the fairies were sometimes wilful and capricious as children, and took dire revenge if anyone built over their fairy circles, or looked at them when combing their long yellow hair in the sunshine, or dancing in the woods….”

“Legends, charms & superstitions of Ireland” – Lady Wilde

Original and prints are now available to buy in my etsy shop

Prints available here: 12″ x 10″ and 20″ x 16″




Fairy paintings for sale, fairy artist, fairy prints

The Child within

“The Child Within”

Pen and Ink Original

10″ x 8″ “..Enchanted worlds still exist because the child within us never dies.  The doorways may be more obscure, but we can still seek them out.  There are still noble adventures to undertake.  There are still trees that speak and caverns that lead to nether realms.  There will always be faeries and elves within nature because they will always be dancing within our hearts.”

                         -Ted Andrews

Also available as prints from my Etsy shop:

12″ x 10″ mounted prints available here 

20″ x 16″ mounted prints available here