A recent visit to Sligo, Yeat’s country

(transferred from original post 1st january 2015)

On a recent visit to Sligo I visited Lough Gill, Ben Bulben, and Knocknarea. Lough Gill is where Yeat’s was inspired to write “The Lake Isle of Inisfree”.  It is absolutely stunning here, so peaceful beside the lake, little streams are flowing through the forest everywhere and everything seems to be covered in moss! It’s really magical. Knocknarea  is where Queen Maeve is said to be buried. It is a steep enough walk up Knocknarea to Maeve’s cairn but the view  is fantastic.  It was really wild and the wind was howling when we got to the top and too windy to hold the camera steady so I used photos from when i was at Knocknarea the last time.  A few days later I found out that there was a sculpture of Queen Maeve in Dublin. It’s just outside Connacht House on Burlington road created by artist Patrick O’Reilly. She looks fierce but it’s such a pity that it’s not in a place more visible to the general public. (Photographs copyright Nicky Hoefsloot)

Lough Gill, Sligo




Knocknarea, Queen Maeve’s Cairn







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