The Fairy Gathering.Fairy Paintings for Sale by Eimear Brennan

Eimhear_Brennan 001

The Fairy Gathering

Original Pen & Ink Drawing 29″ x 19″

“The fairies loved music and dancing and frolic; and above all things, to be let alone, and not to be interfered with as regarded their peculiar fairy habits, customs and pastimes. They had also, like the Irish, a fine sense of the right and just, and a warm love for the liberal hand and kindly word. All the solitudes of the island were peopled by these bright, happy, beautiful beings, and to the Irish nature, with its need of the spiritual, its love of the vague, mystic, dreamy and supernatural, there was something irresistibly fascinating in the belief that gentle spirits were around….but the fairies were sometimes wilful and capricious as children, and took dire revenge if anyone built over their fairy circles, or looked at them when combing their long yellow hair in the sunshine, or dancing in the woods….”

“Legends, charms & superstitions of Ireland” – Lady Wilde

Original and prints are now available to buy in my etsy shop

Prints available here: 12″ x 10″ and 20″ x 16″





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