New Painting – Garden fairies (irish fairy art, fairy art prints, fairy art for sale)

Garden Fairies (15″ x 11″ pen & ink)

Flower fairies are tiny creatures that can be found living at the bottom of gardens. They can also be found in grassy meadows, forests and at the edge of marshes. Each flower fairy lives and sleeps in a particular flower, plant or tree. They look after the flower or plant, encouraging growth, keeping it in good health and making sure it gets plenty of sunshine and water to drink. Flower fairies are extremely shy creatures and are wary of most humans. A good way to befriend a fairy is to leave out some milk, cream or butter at night-time.

The Rose flower fairy is a kind and gentle fairy. She tiptoes around her flowers and tends to them in the sunshine. She is especially friendly with the honey bee and is often seen guiding bees to flowers that are in full bloom while she stands protectively beside them as they collect pollen.

This painting is currently for sale at Kilkenny Design Centre.  Limited edition prints are available in my shop. (see limited edition tab above)


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