Ostara – Spring Equinox


A visit to Lough Crew Cairn T on the morning of the Spring Equinox 21st March.  Really beautiful place. It was the inspiration for the painting to the left, bears no resemblance to Lough Crew whatsoever! I started to draw this when I came home that day.  The drawing is based around Ostara – goddess celebrated around Spring time. The story below tells a little bit about that….

Ostara – Spring Equinox (A3 in size, pen and ink drawing)

The Spring Equinox is celebrated on March 21st.  This is a time when light and dark are in perfect balance.  From this day forwards the days get longer than the nights.

Ostara was a deity honoured around the time of the Spring Equinox.  She was the Goddess of the Dawn and her festival celebrated fertility, new life  and rebirth .  Legend tells of Ostara finding a wounded, dying bird in the snow.  She held the bird in her arms and the warmth from her body brought the bird back to life.  Sadly, the bird’s wings had been so badly damaged by the freezing cold that he was no longer able to fly. Ostara decided to transform the bird into a rabbit who could run faster than any other rabbit.  He also retained his ability to lay eggs.  The creature was so grateful for its life being saved that whenever it laid eggs he decorated them and left them as gifts for Ostara.

The practice of decorating eggs is a custom that ancient cultures carried out as part of their Spring celebrations.  The Anglo-Saxons painted eggs with their hopes and dreams and then gifted them to Ostara.  The decorated eggs were later buried in the earth so that the Earth –Mother would hear their dreams and bring them to fruition.

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