New Painting. Year of the Dragon (Irish fairy art for sale)

Year of the Dragon 30.5 x 25.5 cm

I started this painting on the Chinese New Year about two months ago.  I had gone in to town that day to see the Chinese Dragon in Meeting House Square, Temple Bar where I watched a  green, white and gold Chinese dragon (a specially commissioned piece made in the Irish colours to celebrate the new year) and its Dragon Dance.  I ended up starting the drawing later on that day sitting by the sea on Dollymount, which I later discovered was quite appropriate as apparently this is a Water Dragon.  Anyway, my paintings usually only take a week or two from start to finish, but for some reason this one just didn’t didn’t sit right for ages.  Two months later and it’s done – finally!  I’m not sure what happened, I think he was just being bold and didn’t like being pinned down – he is quite a free spirit, I suppose…….You can read the story below to see what the dragon symbolises. Enjoy!

This painting is available to buy as an original here and is also available to buy as limited edition prints (only 95 available) here.  Or you can just visit my Etsy Shop.

In ancient days the Chinese Dragon was regarded as sacred and was worshipped as the divine ruler of lakes, rivers and seas. The dragon symbol was used as the imperial emblem of the Chinese emperor and was often found embroidered on the emperor’s robes.

The Year of the Dragon occurs every twelve years (2012 is a dragon year) and is considered to be a very powerful Good Luck year. Everything associated with the dragon is blessed. The dragon symbolises prosperity, success, high achievement, boldness, perseverance, nobility and divinity. The dragon is energetic, decisive, optimistic, intelligent, ambitious and overcomes obstacles until success. It reminds us to accept difficult situations as challenges instead of seeing them as obstacles. In doing so we can overcome these challenges more easily.


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